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About Our 2017 Christmas Specials

Our 2017 Christmas Specials apply right up to Christmas Eve (ie 24th December 2017). But you should order at least two weeks earlier than this (ie 10th December 2017) if you want to be certain of getting delivery before Christmas - especially if you live in Western Australia or the Northern Territory. Remember: Australia Post is really, really busy at Christmas time!

2014 Chrismas Specials

2017 Xmas Special Items
$35 Merry Hamper
200gm Peanut Brittle, 150gm Mixed Nuts, 100gm Hickory Smoke, 100gm Kingaroy Kurry, 100gm Honey Coated, 225gm Peanut Paste
1.0 kg
$35 Chrissy Hamper
200gm Peanut Brittle, 150gm Mixed Nuts, 100gm Sea Salt, 100gm Spicy Massaman, 100gm Tangy Lime, 225gm Peanut Paste
1.0 kg
$45 Party Bag
375gm Roast In Shell, 225gm Peanut Paste, 375gm Hickory Smoke, 375ml Peanut Oil, 100gm Kingaroy Kurry, 100gm Tangy Lime, Stubbie Cooler
2.0 kg
$55 Boxed Hamper
375gm Kingaroy Kurry, 375gm Hickory Smoke, 300gm Mixed Nut Pack, 200gm Peanut Brittle, 100gm Salted Caramel, 100gm Chocolate Coated, 100gm Tangy Lime
2.0 kg
$75 Celebration Hamper
375gm Hickory Smoke, 375gm Honey Coated, 375gm Kingaroy Kurry, 375gm Roast In Shell, 300gm Mixed Nut Pack, 375ml Peanut Oil, 200gm Peanut Brittle, 100gm Sugar Coated, 100gm Salted Caramel, Stubbie Cooler
3.0 kg
$100 Family Hamper
375gm Hickory Smoke, 375gm Honey Coated, 375m Kingaroy Kurry, 375gm Chocolate Coated, 375ml Peanut Oil, 300gm Mixed Nut Pack, 375gm Roast In Shell, 2 x 225gm Peanut Paste, 600gm Silo, 200gm Peanut Brittle
4.0 kg

Peanut Silo #1
Hickory Smoke, Kingaroy Kurry, Salt & Vinegar, Toasted Beer Nuts
600 gm
Peanut Silo #2
Sea Salt, Spicy Massaman, Sweet & Salty, Mexican
600 gm
Peanut Silo #3
Chilli (hot), Angry Taco, Wasabi, Pepper
600 gm
Peanut Silo #4
Sugar Coated, Honey Coated, Ginger & Honey, Salted Caramel
600 gm

Peanut Van 10 Sample Bag
10 assorted 100gm packs of Peanut Van flavoured peanuts in a unique, hand-made hessian bag
1.0 kg
Peanut Van 20 Sample Bag
20 assorted 100gm packs of Peanut Van flavoured peanuts in a hand-made hessian carry bag
2.0 kg
Mixed Nut Pack
150gm Mixed, 150gm Cashews
300 gm

Online Order Form: Page 1 | Page 2 | 2017 Xmas Specials

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